The integrated practices of Stacey Balentine, Christine Caputo, Elizabeth Napolin and Lisa Toy are excited to announce the formation of their group practice Alapocas Collaborative Care.  To learn more or schedule an appointment with Lisa, please reach out to admin@alapocascollaborativecare.com or visit their website www.alapocascollaborativecare.com

"I come to mental health care via humankind’s most enduring healing art-nursing.  Nursing philosophy is holistic, which means that I look at the 'big picture' of your life for inherent strengths while exploring the struggles that led you to seek help."

Meet Lisa

I have been practicing as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in psychiatric and mental health nursing since 2000. In 2020, I co-founded Alapocas Collaborative Care, a small out-patient mental health practice serving children, teenagers, adults, couples and families.  As a psychiatric prescriber with a background in nursing, I take an individualized and holistic approach to my clients' needs while helping to form a treatment team with their other providers. I feel consistent communication and collaboration with other members of a client's treatment team is a vital (and often overlooked ) factor in a timely recovery and long-term wellness.


What is an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse?

Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurses are trained to competently assess psychiatric symptoms, order laboratory tests, and evaluate and diagnose mental illnesses.
Advanced Practice psychiatric nurses are specialty providers with additional training in psychological and psychiatric treatments, including psychotherapy and medications.  APRNs collaborate with primary care, specialty, and complementary healthcare professionals if authorized by individuals in treatment.
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Psychotherapy/Medication Management

Psychotherapy is an invaluable part of recovery for many of my clients.  It guides an individual to cultivate helpful patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors, in order to improve self-esteem, coping skills and relationships. I make it a very high priority to collaborate closely with a client's psychotherapist, in an effort to best formulate an individualized treatment plan.

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